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Q1 - I’ve never danced before, don’t have a partner, not very fit  & have two left feet!         Are your dance classes for me?

Q2 - Are the classes at different levels of difficulty?

        How do I progress? Are there any exams?

Q3 - What should I wear and do I need to bring anything?

Q4 - What is the usual format for the evening class?

Q5 - Are the classes grouped in blocks? What if I miss a week?

Q6 - Will my new dance skills work for other types of music?

         Are there dances where I can use them?

Question’s & Answer’s

Most of the Q & A’s described below can be applied to any of our classes including different dance styles and venues.    

Any additional information relating to a particular dance style or venue will be detailed in the relevant section of the Classes page (eg Format, start time, Bar)

Q1-QandA Q2-QandA Q3-QandA Q4-QandA Q5-QandA Q6-QandA