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Q5 -  Are the classes grouped in blocks? What if I miss a week?

A5 - The classes are on a drop-in basis (PAYG). However . . .

Beginner Level

We run regular Beginner 4-week courses for each style, at the start of most months, with discounts for prepaid courses. Please see the Whats On page for upcoming dates.  

For example for Beginner Salsa at Seaton, we schedule 4 consecutive Mondays, starting on the first Monday of most months.

At Beginner level it’s best to complete all 4 weeks of each course consecutively. This will allow you to make steady progress, as any gaps could mean playing catch up and trying to recall things from 2 or more weeks back.

Most new beginners require a minimum of 8-10 classes to become comfortable with all the moves at beginner level. This will vary depending on ability and previous dance experience.

Improver, Intermediate and La Rueda

These classes are also on a drop-in basis (PAYG). The content changes on a regular basis and is designed to be covered over 2-4 weeks. This allows time to review moves, correct any mistakes and refine techniques & styling.

If you miss a class, just ask one of us and we will go over the move during the dance practise session.

Please see details on the Classes page for information on other styles and workshops.