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Q4 -  What is the usual  format for the classes?

A4-  Tango and Salsa

Doors open just before 7.30pm. The Beginner class starts at around 7.30pm,  followed by the Improver class at around 830pm and then the La Rueda or Intermediate class (Salsa only),  for experienced dancers at around 930pm.

Whenever possible, we play several tracks of music at the end of each class to allow everyone to socialize and practise their newly learnt moves or free-style. So there will be dancing at the end of the Beginners class, then at the end of the Improvers class and so on.  

Please feel free to ask anyone for a dance, ladies or gents, beginner or advanced. But please don’t be offended if someone says “perhaps later”, we all need a break to cool off or catch up with pals.

Please note, all times are approximate. We would rather a class over-run slightly (on the odd occasion when a little extra tuition is required) rather than clock-watch.